Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Getting help from some editions of visual studio
6 could prove difficult because of the absence of MSDN Library. MSDN is an
essential tool for visual basic Developers. Its absence could result into
frustration on the course of writing a program or applications.

MSDN library could readily be downloaded from the Microsoft online
resources. The only limitation in obtaining the MSDN library is the
seemingly large file size, over 500 Mb. For those with slow connections to
the internet, it may take several hours to download it.

MSDN is not all that there is to getting help when working with Visual
basic. Substantial help on visual basic could still be obtained from other
Microsoft office packages like Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, or Microsoft
power point.

It is possible to obtain help on visual basic from these Microsoft products
because they contains visual basic for application, (VBA); a type of visual
basic that accompanies some software. It’s different from the normal visual
basic in that it can’t be used to make a stand alone program except from
within its host software.

Essentially they have the same general syntax with the conventional visual

To assess help on visual basic from these Microsoft products, select tools
from the standard toolbar, then Macro > visual basic editor. Select help
from the familiar visual basic development window that opens up. Type in
your queries in the help text box and off it goes. It even provides examples
of some syntax usages.

At least for some common issues that I required help on, this inbuilt VBA
help provided solutions to them. It’s right if you would give it a trial.

UF Umeoguaju

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